Since about 1970, Coastal Living has been creating unique outdoor spaces all across Long Island and New York. Every property requires a well balanced architectural design to maximize the aesthetic and practical benefits of landscaping. 


With your input, our innovative design staff will transform your property into a natural extension of your home.  Enhancing the beauty and value of your home through the creation of dramatic spaces for recreation, entertaining or just relaxing is what Coastal Living is all about. 




A Living Investment. 




Your landscape is truly a living component of your property. It requires an effective design that takes into account drainage, erosion and soil conditions, along with the proper trees, shrubbery and grass that is best suited for your land.  The selection of construction material is equally important.  


Our goal at Coastal Living is to give you the best possible landscape that will improve the value of your lifestyle and your investment. 










Quality & Service




At Coastal Living, we pride ourselves on quality workmanship. Our modern landscaping equipment and trained personell assure you of complete satisfaction.  Give us a call today and we will gladly set up an appointment for a member of our design team to visit your home.  We will courteously meet with you to discuss your specific needs, ideas, and timetable, along with your budget.  After reviewing your property and considering important factors, such as sun and wind exposure, privacy, safety, and drainage, a plan is then developed.  


Coastal Living will make your landscape unique and special with custom designed swimming pools, cascading waterfalls, lush flowering planting beds, and other special features to make your home a beautiful place.